How do you make a 30% capital gain in 4 months?


Refurbish old properties in Costa del Sol and quick resell them.

Thanks to the high numbers of buyers from all over the world, reselling your property has never been easier.

Why flip real estate in Costa del Sol, Spain?

Another capital gain strategy is property flipping. Sadly, the south of Spain contains many old houses that need refurbishment.
We can help you locate the right property to renovate and re-sell for a profit.
 By paying a small fee to the Andalucia council, it gives you the opportunity to convert previous commercial activities into residences 
You can find those opportunities all along the Costa del Sol especially in Malaga Capital and Torremolinos.

Example of a previous flipping deal

Original Real estate conditions: commercial

Initial price Vat included

  • Initial Price 57.000
  • Refurbishment costs 19.000

Tot. 76.000

Real estate conditions after rennovations: one bedroom apartment

Property sold price vat included

Tot. 108.000

The purchasing process was fast and easy; the renovation took approximately one month and I was able to resell it after 40 days. I earned a profit of 30% in about 4 months.
Admir Shum

We have the right solutions for your every need. It is with great pleasure and passion that we will guide you through investing in Costa Del SOl



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