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Giovanni Picciuti

Originally from The South of Italy, his genuine passion for real estate convinced him to move to the UAE and observe the dynamics of the Dubai property market. There he decided to take a new challenge in a different market and joined one of Dubai’s largest developers. He worked a while for one of the biggest airline companies in order to travel and gain a panoramic oversight of the property markets all over the world. In June 2018 he decided to move to Costa Del Sol, Spain where he has found his "BEST PLACE TO LIVE".

Simone Castiglione

A genuine passion for the property market first inspired him to work for a real estate agency in Milan. When he moved to London in the 2008, he experienced the "real estate crisis" which pushed him to learn as much as he could about the financial markets and mortgages rules. In the UAE, he attended the best property investment`s events and courses that helped him grow his knowledge. After visiting Malaga, he decided that he would have to live there and start a new Real Estate Business.

Edoardo Aprea

Originally from the beautiful island of Capri, Edoardo is an expert in providing guidance and assistance between sellers and buyers. Edoardo has a deep knowledge of the Costa del Sol property market. He is excellent in dealing with and purchasing real estates for the right price. Performing comparative market analysis to estimate the right property value.


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