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AIRBNB/Vacational Rent

Rent by room to students or workers

Long Term Rent

Buying a property to store value is one of the safest Investments. Owning a property in Malaga-Costa del Sol Spain, a fast-growing area is a wise decision for your future.
The low supply of apartments especially in the city center of Malaga Capital makes it a great investment with a secure capital apprecciation.
Owning a property in a place that guarantees you 300 days of sun a year is something unique in Europe. Enjoy the beautiful beaches all year long and the fantastic Spanish cousine.
Let somebody else paying your mortgage! Rent your property with us. We will find the best property to make sure that the rent will cover all the property expenses including the mortgage.
We also offer a property management service, where we find the right tenants for your needs. Just enjoy your freedom and passive income!

Benefits of Long Term Rent

  • Easier Management
  • Less management costs
  • Ideal if you live overseas

AIRBNB Business/Short Term Rent

The year long sun and warm weather makes Malaga a unique place in Europe. This factor alone attracts flocks of tourists from North Europe who want to escape cold winters.
If we also consider the number of events that Malaga Capital offers such  as la Feria or La Semana Santa the number of tourist grows year after year.
Starting your Bed and Breakfast business with us is easy! We find the right property to maxmize your ROI and we take care of  all legal aspects. We also provide a property management service so you can enjoy your freedom and cash flow!
The low supply of big hotels and apartments in the historical center  in Malaga capital makes it a smart business to run with 20% annual Return on Investment.

Benefits of your B&B Business:

  • High annual yield.
  • Become an AIRBNB Superhost and get trip discounts.
  • Receive secure payment from guests.
I initiated my B&B Business on www.airbnb.com with an apartment. I bought next to the center of Malaga.
I' m having fun meeting new people from all over the world and in the meantime I'm profiting from it.
Working with the Sun&House team gave me added assurance as I navigated the complex process of investing in real estate abroad.

Rent by Room

Malaga Capital is also known as an university city, is very high the number of foreigners students that chooses the sunny malaga as their study-town. Malaga capital thanks to the beautiful beaches and warm weather also attracts a lot of seasonal workers.
This create a high demand for single rooms to let. The room price vary from 350 for a single bedroom to 450  for a double bedroom. With the right apartment in the right location your yearly ROI can increase exponentially.
Thanks to our knowledge of the area we find the best property for you for this type of business. We also provide a property management service, we find the tenants for you. Just enjoy and receive your freedom and passive income!

Benefits of Renting by Room

  • Profit from all the units in your apartment
  • Let your property been managed by an agency
  • Annual ROI up to 20%
  • Boost your income
  • Low management costs
  • Annual high demand

Sun&Huose help you renting the single unit of your apartment and getting high passive income.

Avarage prices per room

City Center

  • Single room from 350 to 400 euro
  • Double room from 420 to 520 euro

Avarage prices per room

Around City Center

  • Single room from 320 to 380 euro
  • Double room from 370 to 430 euro

20% Return on Investment Guaranteed


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